Goals: Progress and Future Goals

I’m happy with the progress of my goals from earlier in the year. Have run a half marathon; on the way to completed novel; have lost 5 kilos, but not all the way there. Some goals I haven’t completed, but I have worked towards and will complete in the future: I doing a course ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’, which is helping me understand both mood, and emotional eating. Some goals are for the future; some ran into trouble (ie, I realised that some of the writing ones were not possible while overseas on this VISA.)

I have new goals. They are as follows:
– Complete a marathon by my birthday, 22 April 2014.
– – Complete an ‘advanced’ half marathon, with improved time (don’t rush it, this time!)
– Lose 6 kilos by February 3rd 2014
– Go to bed 10-10.30 for 90 days consecutively (95% achievement okay)
– Write and edit, to 2nd draft, an 80,000 word novel by April 2014
– – Complete NaNoWriMo in 2014
– Exercise at 6AM for 90 days consecutively (-Sundays) (90% achievement okay)
– To complete The Ancient Greek Hero in 24H (course I’m studying online at Harvard) by 15 December 2013
– To finish The Luminaries, by Eleanor Catton, by 15 December 2013

Keep track of my progress on Runkeeper, updates on this blog, and in Michelle Bridges’s 12wbt related posts, etc.


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