Good Places to Write in Dublin

Quiet places to write in Dublin. I want to tell others what I have found, just in case they’re in Dublin and need that space to bash out the letters. Ordered by most productive. There is another post by one guy, which I kept finding, with other recommendations. I’ll upload the link at a later date.

1. The Project Arts Centre. Two long tables at which to write, with about ten chairs each. Also, an L-shaped ‘bar’ style stool area with about eight stools. This area has power points. The Centre has free wifi – password written on the wall for you. Free coffee (from one of those crap machines, but free beverege nonetheless. Was broken when I went.) Toilets (there’s a keypad, but the receptionist will buzz you in; she gave me the code on my second visit). It is quiet, apart from the occasional artistic person coming in and discussing work and administration. Conversation is allowed – it’s not a library. The staff don’t ask you why you’re there, but just let you be there, be creative. Good, relaxed vibe. I’d go there all the time if I lived in Dublin. Also, no paid coffee guilt and calorific biscuit temptations – just work.

Project Arts Centre
39 E Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

2. The Trinity Capital Hotel. The one with the massive chairs in the foyer area (if they’re still there when you’re reading this). I have never been welcomed into a place before. I intended to check it out, but I’m a little nervous at what hotel staff think of loitering writers. The bar concierge welcomed me. I said I was just looking for somewhere quiet to write. He took me around to the front, near the foyer, to a secluded area with tables. There were power points, and there was free wifi without a password. I ordered a pot of tea – 2.70 euro, but good for about three cups over an hour (switch to tea – you won’t regret it for expanding your euro). The surroundings were plush. The food wasn’t expensive. The staff were lovely. I stayed there all day.

Trinity Capital Hotel
Pearse St, Δουβλίνο, Co. Dublin City, Ireland

3. This is kind of cheating, because I didn’t work here. But I visited the Irish Writers’ Centre, and it was super quiet, and had rooms. There were other writers. The staff were a bit, ‘what are you here for, agian?’ but I think that’s just the Irish (I find them a little standoffish – it’s just their thing). The girl I spoke to said I could come and write – but I suggest that you should become a member, if you’re in Ireland or Dublin for a while. You should do that anyway – support writers like yourself! No coffee, but a work space. I don’t think there was wifi, but I did not ask.

Irish Writers’ Centre
19 Parnell Square N, Dublin, Ireland

4. Starbucks on Westmoreland Street (thanks Patrick). I think it was Fleet Street (it’s not) – anyway, there are two on opposite sides of the street, and it’s not the main street on the River. The one on the left as you’re heading to Trinity has two floors, great coffee and food, free wifi and toilets with a code (which you get on your receipt). A variety of seating types – you know the deal. It’s Starbucks. Kind of souless, but comforable. Power points. Issue is, the music is way too loud. I had to leave – couldn’t concentrate with Justin Timberlake turned up to 11. Even though some of his mid-career to date stuff is pretty catchy.

5. I didn’t get to go the National Library of Ireland. But it’s not open on Sundays, which isn’t great. But you should check it out. I wiuldnt generally go to Ireland’s (or the UK’s) minor, council libraries – coming from Australia, I find European public libraries substandard at best. If I’m wrong, let us all know.

Irish Writers’ Centre
19 Parnell Square N, Dublin, Ireland

1a. Go to the Big Smoke Writers’ Centre and head to a drop in course one night. Totally worth it to get out of a rut. Probably not worth 15 euro – but that’s what it costs sometimes.

Big Smoke Writing Factory
7 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

6. Any Pub. They’re generally all big, with multiple areas for seating choice, most have free wifi. And there’s Guinness. Most have a power point somewhere – there was only one pub I found in Ireland which didn’t have one. It was in Blarney.

3 thoughts on “Good Places to Write in Dublin

    1. beccaanne Post author

      Thanks Patrick,

      Not pointless AT ALL! I am not a good one for remembering street names. Thanks!

      I think most anywhere in Dublin, just as long as you’re in Dublin, is good to write. I am taken aback by the attention they pay to writers and writing.



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