In Manchester, where Scott and Bailey is filmed. Love that show. Spent last night watching three episodes of it on ITV online while Butters wrote emails to his football league, which banned a player 7 matches for swearing, banned Ben 3 matches. The (apparently crazy) ref who was sworn at then challenged the player to a fight after the game. Not kidding. The player was challenged to a duel. This is the stuff Butters has to write emails about from the other side of the world.

Manchester is made of red bricks. This is what I wrote driving in:

‘Coming into Manchester you pass a cemetery that puts all others to shame. It must be close to a kilometre long, and just filled with small tombstones facing back behind us on the road out. It is almost like a statement about the breadth and width of death, and the lack of understanding we have of it for the impact it had on us; the significance of war, but that all men die whether fighting for their country or never fighting for anything. Oh, the ravages of death! Punctuated by a small strip of trinket shops, of course.

Then more green. The city is surrounded by green, filled with it. The houses are uniform red brick and beautiful. Who got together and made the houses uniform? How old would they have to be, to have been built in a time when people were happy to live in buildings that weren’t different to their neighbours’?’

Today we’re going to the Museum of Depression. I think it’s the Museum of the Industrial Revolution, or something. Butters assures me it will be great.




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